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About THEY improv, LLC

THEY improv began in 2005 with our Director, Todd Rice, starting to provide entertainment to raise funds for a variety of charities. This was a sideline at first since Todd was fully entrenched in the real world as the CEO of a technology company. This knowledge made a difference when working with corporate clients.

Their "Comedy With a Cause" gained traction and quickly transformed into an entertainment company that has grown quickly while maintaining a low profile. THEY have grown to work throughout the US and in many countries around the world. THEY have worked with over half of the Fortune 500 and has the business experience to help you meet your goals.

THEY provide entertainment, team building, corporate training, safety training and a variety of other programs to consult for your company.

Below are just a few of the THEY improv properties that help our clients.

THEY improv

THEY improv

This is our main corporate website that serves as a hub for our properties.

Safety Training

THEY Safety Training

We use the power of our performance to help enhance safety for employees.

Made Comedy

MADE Comedy

Casinos have a love and hate relationship with the mob. Our shows are part of the love!

Tropical Punch Comedy

Tropical Punch Comedy

We provide a variety of comedy shows for venues looking to enhance their presence.

Murder Therapy

Murder Therapy

We use our murder mystery shows to help people through the difficult times in their lives.

Destination Team Building

Destination Team Building

As companies travel, we are able to provide team building options at some of the best destinations around the world.

THEY improv, LLC has now created this website to enhance and focus our offerings for Casino Improv Entertainment.

While we had a section about casinos in our main website, the details would get lost among all the information for corporate events and private parties. By having its own site, our casino improv entertainment is given a forum that has a much better appreciation. Now our clients can have a better understanding and clearer structure as to how our events can help their value proposition.

If you would like to learn more about us and how we can help your facility with a variety of entertainment options, simply give us a call!

It would be best to let us know about the size of your performance area, the number of people that might attend the event, the types of guests involved, the desired length of show, and whether it will be around a meal or simply a show.

Simply reach out and we will discuss your needs and how we can help you achieve your goals!


Find out how we can assist you to achieve your goals by contacting us by phone at 866-219-4386 or by email at info@casinoimproventertainment.com.


Casino Clients

These are just a few of the casinos where we have appeared.