Casino Magic and Mentalism Shows

Top Entertainers For Your Venue

One of the more prestigious performances for a dinner is a murder mystery. We have been leading the way for upscale murder mystery dinners for years and can bring the top in entertainment to your casino!

We can do everything from provide full murder mystery dinners to. One thing that we know about your players is that they love gaming.

We can approach these in four basic methods.


Mentalism Shows

We have a collection of professional mentalists who can wow your audience with acts of mental agility. This includes divining information, knowthing the unknowable and hypnosis shows. Let us entertain your group and take your event to the next level.

close-up magic

Close-Up Magic

For events that are a bit more one on one, we have a selection of performers that can wander through your guests performing magic directly at their tables. This can include card magic, mental feats, psychic readings, and a variety of other choices.


Stage Magic

For shows with a little bit more of a flair, we have stage magic shows that entertain larger crowds. This can include everything from making things disappear, card tricks, box tricks and full performing entertainment. Contact us to find the show perfect for your venue.

Beyond magic and mentalism shows we also have a variety of other entertainment options available.

Some of these are listed below.

comedy shows


With improv, stand-up, sketch and fun characters, we have a variety of options to punch up any event.

game shows

Game Shows

Attendees at casinos love winning! We have a variety of game shows based on TV's popular games designed to get the people engaged and playing.

murder mysteries

Murder Mysteries

We are a national leader in mystery shows and can bring everything from gala events to more intimate affairs.

magic mentalism


With close-up and stage magicans, mentalists, psychics and others, let us meet your entertainment needs.



We can produce larger shows that bring a variety of entertainers that can have attendees feel appreciated while reflecting well upon the casino.


Tribute Performances

We have access to a variety of performers that can imitate a wide selection of celebrities including for stage performances and singing.

Casino Magic and Mentalism Shows

We approach things from different perspectives for different audiences.

We provide entertainment for player's clubs and affinity programs. Our objective is to have your guests feel appreciated and spend more time enjoying your facility.

We can help provide shows that will draw your regulars as well as new audiences to be exposed to your offerings.

private parties

Casinos are quite popular with families and corporate clients looking for upscale venues to have their major events. We have a variety of options to entertain groups of all types.

We can provide effective approaches for promotional events to help garner publicity and new clients.

We want to hear from you to discuss your needs for casino magic and mentalism shows for entertainment.


Find out how we can assist you to achieve your goals by contacting us by phone at 866-219-4386 or by email at


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