THEY improv, LLC provides casino improv entertainment for all of your needs!

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THEY improv provides a variety of options for entertaining at casinos. This including improv comedy, game shows, murder mysteries and other options.

We have created this page to help you get more information about other web sites that you might find useful.

Feel free to use any of the links below to get more information. First are some of our properties and then some other links.

THEY improv

THEY improv

This is our main corporate website that serves as a hub for our properties.

Safety Training

THEY Safety Training

We use the power of our performance to help enhance safety for employees.

Made Comedy

MADE Comedy

Casinos have a love and hate relationship with the mob. Our shows are part of the love!

Tropical Punch Comedy

Tropical Punch Comedy

We provide a variety of comedy shows for venues looking to enhance their presence.

Murder Therapy

Murder Therapy

We use our murder mystery shows to help people through the difficult times in their lives.

Destination Team Building

Destination Team Building

As companies travel, we are able to provide team building options at some of the best destinations around the world.


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Casino Clients

These are just a few of the casinos where we have appeared.